Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Methods of Suicide

I have thought of many ways to die:

1) My most recent one has been mixing bleach and ammonia together. I saw it from a TV show and then did some research on it. Mixing these two chemicals will make other chemicals that are lethal to humans such as Chlorine gas (Cl2), Nitrogen Chloride (NCl3), and hydrazine (N2H4). This seems like a great way to die. I know that coughing, gagging, and being poisoned in the lungs isn't anyone's idea of having fun. But the thought of it as a way to die...I don't just seems like an easy way out. I mean, something else is killing you for you; you aren't actually hurting yourself directly as you would when you cut or shoot yourself.

2) Jumping is another one of the ways that I have thought about. I have heard that the Golden Gate Bridge is a great place to kill yourself. Because of the height of the bridge from the water, merely the impact of water on your body would kill you. I also know that a lot of the bodies that have jumped off that bridge have also not been recovered. So that would leave you pretty much anonymous. Nobody would really know that it was you or that you were even gone, especially if you're new to the place. And it is almost a sure-fire way to die. Also, flying is one of the things I have always wanted to do. I know falling isn't exactly flying, but the exhileration and thrill would still be there. So dying doing something remotely close to what I've always wanted to do is another thing that attracts me about this method.

3) I have seriously considered hanging. One thing that I like about this method is that for one, it is relatively easy to do. You don't need to gain access to something huge like ammonia or the Golden Gate Bridge. All you need is something long and something with which to suspend your neck (it could be a tree, a closet, or even a doorknob). It is also a relatively painless death. You might be able to even die right away if you manage to break your neck when the rope catches you. I asked my one of my high school teachers how long it would take for one to die by hanging. She said that it would take about 10-15 minutes unless you break your neck because then it's instantaneous. I was actually excited to hear about that. I was excited to learn that it wouldn't take hours or days to die. Only 10-15 minutes...although 10-15 minutes may seem like an eternity if you're suspended on a rope. But it's a lot better than hours or days.

4) This is one that I have considered a long, LONG time...since I was in high school. I was on the Internet searching for suicide methods, and I came across trains. I learned that it minutes before death was instantaneous as well. I was excited because there were train tracks close to where I lived at the time. But my hope failed when I learned that the trains in Utah were built so that death was as unlikely to occur as possible if someone was in front of an oncoming train. But I also don't want anyone to feel directly responsible for my death.

Anyway, these are four of the most common types I have thought about. Peace!



  1. You can guess how I reached here.
    I would have tried cyanide, but purchasing that would cause suspicion. Drowning is seriously under consideration. But one can easily be spotted then..
    From you profile i guess you gave up that thought.
    Anyway good luck

  2. I live in Utah, in used to live in Provo where there was the frontrunner that could kill you instantaneously high speed train:-)